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Stop Crime Before It Starts!

What is an Armed Decal?

The ARMED DECAL is for licensed recipients or property owners who want others to know they carry a weapon for protection and have been legally trained in self defense. It's time to bold up America. Let the bad guy know that you will not be an easy victim.

This decal is officer friendly. Remember, only citizens with clean criminal histories can obtain these permits.These are seen in all 50 states.

The large A stands for ARMED, simple but to the point.
  Many want this decal to use as a possible deterrence to theft or an aggressive offender. 


Armed Decal's are for people who want to stop trouble before it starts.  Let's put this in terms that you may not have explored.  Yes, you have a Concealed Carry Permit, this is smart!  The truth of the matter is, don't be forced to use your weapon if you don't have to.  At the same time, don't hesitate to legally use it if you need to!

Lets look at all the families who have alarm systems in their homes.  You may notice a sign in their front yard or decals on the windows displaying the alarm system is active. Why advertise? The reason is that even though the alarm system is installed, why bother with the chance of someone breaking windows, kicking down doors, or attempting to enter?  This may cause your insurance to go up, high repair bills and the inconvenience of dealing with an intruder.

The same reasons apply with the ARMED DECAL.  Yes, you have a weapon to protect yourself, but do you want to use it if you don't have to?  This will involve a police presence, legal fees and possible court time. We are 110% behind concealed carry license holders, but do you want to involve yourself in an incident that you can avoid.
When a criminal offender sees this decal on your vehicle or home, he knows his chances of success have not only diminished, but he may be shot or seriously injuried during planned criminal activity.  

Will it work all the time, who knows, there are no guarantees in life and we make no guarantees this decal will make a difference. We advise you to not habitually leave your weapon in your vehicle. You have a license to carry, carry it! Always carry it with you.

Armed Decals are not only used on vehicles.  This decal can possibly help deter theft and crime at your home or business. Let the criminals know that you are not easy prey and promote them to move on to easier prospects.

Disclosure: Armed Decal is a novelty item and is not required to be installed in any state by any concealed carry license holder or consumer. The consumer holds all responsibility related to any incident concerning the use of this product. Armed Decal holds no responsibility of theft, harm to individual, property or any negitive incident related to instalation of this decal. The consumer holds full responsibility by installing or using this product.

Good luck and God Bless. 

Installation Recommendations

3 inches round
. White is reflective for high visibility. This is a high quality decal. Will last for years.

On vehicles, recommended to be installed on (driver's side) rear bumper or back glass.

On homes or business, install close to or on front and rear doors.

On motorcycles or ATV, install in a visible area that is easily noticeable.


Friends, we are in a recession! Prices used to be 2 for 10.50 or 4 for 16.50. Times are tough, we understand. We will go with the new lower price but same quality till things get better. "Wish the oil companies would do that"


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How to purchase

If you are looking to purchase an ARMED DECAL, it is simple and
These decals are 2 for $8.50 or $13.50 for 4. 

Shipping fee is .55 per order. We pride ourselves in same day shipping.  Average delivery time is three days.

All transactions are conducted through PayPal. 
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2-Armed Decals for only $8.50

4-Armed Decals for only 13.50



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